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Mao Hamasaki is currently a senior student, so she considers achievement very important and can even risk everything to achieve good results in class. I understand your feelings. She was a young student, so her homeroom teacher offered to help her privately after class. Because she was a teacher, she trusted him with all her heart. After class, she went back to her own home. The teacher and the fun story had just begun. She thought she would be tutored in the most serious way, but instead, the teacher turned around and threatened her to take off her clothes. Now the teacher's perverted personality was clearly revealed. I couldn't do anything else because the teacher's house had locked the door and not a single sound leaked out. The perverted teacher started his lust with a vibrator placed directly on my tender pussy. young female student. It's true that the teacher is a bastard, but that way you guys will have a movie to watch, right =))

JUKF-103 Learn more with your teacher
JUKF-103 Learn more with your teacher
 Movie Code: JUKF-103 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Mao Hamasaki 
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