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Sending his wife to the gym was a very wrong decision for the husband. He just wanted her to have a slim, fiery body like other women but did not think that it would be the catalyst that would trigger the attack. the desires of other men, typically the gym owner in the movie. After going to the gym for a few days, with the enthusiastic guidance of the trainer who is also the gym owner, her body became more and more attractive, but at the same time, this was also the time when the gym owner showed her signs. revealed their lustful nature and over time they developed feelings for each other. Then they were happy with each other every day behind her ill-fated husband's back while he still believed that she only went to the gym.

BONY-037 The GYM owner has a big cock
BONY-037 The GYM owner has a big cock
 Movie Code: BONY-037 
 Actor: Tsukimi Iori 
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