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Due to his poor grades, the young man in the movie always has to ask his best friend Sakuno to tutor him to improve his studies. But he studies little but "plays" a lot, progress is nowhere to be seen, on the contrary, he becomes more and more influenced by sex because his girlfriend is so attractive, there is never a time when he doesn't think about sex. . And his best friend is easy-going, equally slutty, and always pampers him like an older sister pampers her naughty younger brother. The two of them seem like a match made in heaven, but they don't love each other, they're just close friends. Sometimes in life, an ambiguous and unclear relationship is actually good for both.

HEYZO-1680 Do homework with your best friend
HEYZO-1680 Do homework with your best friend
 Movie Code: HEYZO-1680 
 Actor: Kanna Sakuno 
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